Our Headliners

Our drinks are all superstarts. Check them out & order your favorites from Glovo!


The one you know, but better

Ingredients: tequila silver, orange liqueur, citrus

cold brew martini

Make your mouths go mmmm…

Ingredients: vodka, cold brew coffee, rose water, mastika


Throws a party in your mouth.

Ingredients: gin, vermouth, campari

pornstar martini

Raunchy and hawt, just like you.

Ingredients: vodka, passionfruit concentrate, citric extracts, vanilla extracts

whiskey sour

Make your face go ohhh…

Ingredients: bourbon whiskey, water, granulated sugar, rose water

strawberry daiquiry

A fruit party baby

Ingredients: white rum, sugar, strawberry, citric extracts, rose water, tartaric acid