Increase your sales & margins

What collaborating with us means

With fresh ingredients and a sustainable process, we prepare some of the tastiest cocktails out there. If you want to expand your menu in a cost efficient way, reach out now.

Cut costs with El Sorbo.

Studying our costs and benchmarking the market, we made sure we’re offering the best quality at the most competitive price.

Compare a glass of El Sorbo to cocktails served at the other bars and you’ll easily be able to tell which option is better for your pocket and your customers’ taste buds!

Contact us & we’ll send you the numbers so that you play around to see for yourself the incremental amounts you’d be saving by ordering from us.


Looking to give your bar menu a fresh revamp? Count on El Sorbo to provide you with the tastiest most efficient cocktails out there. Reach out for an introductory meeting to get exclusive deals and the B2B catalogue.

For your events

Who doesn’t like to get drunk on some yummy cocktails in events? Wanna turn the night into a wild one?

Whether you have a small gathering coming up, a huge office party or even a wedding, get in touch and we will add a taste of happiness to the festivities.

For your take-aways

Are you close by? Would you rather come over and take your El Sorbo Cocktails as a take away?

Place your orders below, then pass by El Sorbo’s home to meet and greet the team while enjoying your ready made bottles. Some fun surprises await!