A gathering on the go

Upgrade Your Menu

Looking to give your menu a fresh revamp? Count on El Sorbo to provide you with the tastiest cocktails out there.

Some people spend their lives searching for happiness, at El Sorbo we chose to enjoy the little things. We found happiness in a gathering, a community and the drink that ties it all together. We are your bar away from a bar. We’re a timeless toast, a wild night out and a candid gathering at home.

Two things we will always be true to, the land and our friends. Our selection of cocktails uses locally sourced ingredients for a flavor that really does make you want more, drink more and dance maybe-awkwardly-but that’s-okay more! You can start the party wherever, whenever, all it takes is an order and if you’re all alone, no problemo! El Sorbo will give you the confidence you need to make more friends than you need.

Why El Sorbo?

The Cool Kids Checklist

We locally source ingredients giving you seasonal cocktails with the flavors of the season.

We’ve chosen mixologists who specialize in making cocktail-gasmic drinks, ONLY.

We want you to drink more, so we’re making you pay less.

We believe in short circuit economies and so should you.

We use eco-friendly packaging because we’re not wasting your time nor your non-recyclables.

We never stir a cocktail without a drop of love.

El Sorbo's Superstars



The one you know, but better

Ingredients: tequila silver, orange liqueur, citrus

cold brew martini

Make your mouths go mmmm…

Ingredients: vodka, cold brew coffee, rose water, mastika


Throws a party in your mouth.

Ingredients: gin, vermouth, campari